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Yea mon...Jamaica Mi Krazy

Come in and relax and enjoy our cozy Jamaican Restaurant where we offer authentic Jamaican Food in the heart of Atlanta with the perfect atmosphere.

We have been giving Atlanta Jamaican Food with a flair. We love using our Jamaican Restaurant environment and our delicious Jamaican Food to transport our guests into a world of sunshine, beaches, and happiness.

We are open for lunch and dinner.

We can serve our dishes wherever you’d prefer, whether at your home or at a special event location. Click here for more information about our catering service.

We would love to have you join us for some of the outstanding special events we host at our restaurant. Feel free to search for upcoming events.

'Yea mon...Jamaica Mi Krazy'

  -stop by our Jamaican Restaurant and try some real good Jamaican Food...


Authentic cuisine that is hard to find in our fast food generation. We highly recommend Jamaica Mi Krazy.
Michael Bauer, Smyrna

A well-managed and very satisfying family friendly restaurant offering a different flavor to our city.
Sue Smith, Smyrna